About Us

Glossy Lives is a beauty and lifestyle blog created with the concept in mind that would emphasize attainable and inspirational details with a special focus on the subjects of beauty and lifestyle.

Hello lovelies! I’m a beauty and lifestyle blogger, writer, photographer, and lover of all pretty things. I hold a First Class Honors degree in Bachelors in Business Administration in Marketing. Since childhood, I have been constantly obsessed with my love for beauty, food and lifestyle so I spent my evenings searching endlessly through Pinterest and Instagram for visual inspiration. I am infatuated by all things fancy and so in August 2016, I decided to create Glossy Lives. My obsession with anything visually appealing is extra ordinary, so you’ll find all kinds of details here, including my favorite beauty products and I hope you will fall in love with at least something. I only write about what I’m interested in. The aim of this blog is to also try and recommend products only after using them.

I wish to work with brands in all ways possible and am always open to suggestions, collaborative campaigns and championing products I truly believe in. I love hearing from people wanting to work with me.

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